First Post, Due Date

I guess old habits die hard. Although I was on track this semester with all my weekly assignments or posts on the discussions board, I didn’t expect any more from myself than to leave all my blogging for last minute.

No, I retract the previous statement. If I’m being completely honest, I was expecting more from myself. Granted, precedent would argue that I leave everything until the last minute and that I am an all-star procrastinator but after taking part in the Fresh Start Program, I really thought that would change. All throughout this semester, I felt like I was on track with my school work, just because of our weekly modules and discussions. There was never a week where I thought I could just rest, relax and not have to worry about what I have to do for school since every week and I had to do something for Fresh Start. Since I had weekly homework for one of my classes, it forced me to also think of my other classes on a weekly basis and make sure that I am up to date with those classes as well.

The program helped me become more aware of what is going on in my classes, but I guess it did nothing for my procrastination. I would still leave all my postings until the last day and here I am, at the end of the program and doing my blog on the day it’s due.

I realize that I am openly admitting that I left everything for the last minute, which includes this blog (specifically this post) that will be read and graded, but I see The Fresh Start Program differently than anything else I’ve done in school and feel as though I can be honest with the instructors. They see how each student is different and how our styles of learning are all different; we have to find what works for us. It seems that procrastination is what works for me because I need that added pressure of the approaching deadline to get me to finish my assignments. Sure, the stress sometimes drives me to a point where I want to rip my hair out, but I always get it done in the end.

Check out this article I found on procrastination:

It’s a little long but I promise that it’s very insightful. It explains how procrastination is embedded in everyone’s nature; we procrastinate because we’re thinking about the now (instant gratification) instead of doing things that will make the future better. If a person can learn to do things in the present that will benefit their future, instead of doing things in the present to only benefit their present, then they will learn how to overcome their procrastination.

Last tuesday night, if I had started on this blog instead of going to a movie then maybe I wouldn’t have to devote my afternoon today on finishing this up. The article looks at the idea that we all believe the future will be perfect and therefore can leave everything stressful, that needs to be done, to the future; because the future will be this perfect place in time where everything will easily be finished. We then use our present to do whatever we want in that moment, that instant gratification for our desires. If we just use our present to help out our future and ignore what we want in the moment, then maybe the future will actually be this perfect place in time when we will not have anything to worry about, since nothing was left for last minute.

I’ve never thought of it in that sense and therefore found this article very helpful. If you give up halfway, at least check out the video they’ve attached because it has to be the cutest thing I’ve watched all day.


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